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You Need:

Elastic thread/wire, Colourful beads, Scissors, Towel, Needle, Paper clips.


* Choose the beads for the bracelet-they can be a mixture of big and small beads, in matching colours. Select one big bead with a large hole * Choose a length for your brace let, add a couple of inches more and cut that length of thread. (Add two or three inches to the length if you are making an anklet.)

* Lay out your beads on the towel. This will keep them from rolling away, and give you the chance to arrange them in order. If you are using beads of different sizes, you could put the small beads in between the larger ones.

*Attach the paper clip to one end of the thread, leaving a one-inch gap at the end, to stop the beads from slipping through. Thread the beads through the free end, making sure the big bead is at the end.

*Remove the paper clip and bring the two ends of the thread together. Tie a double knot, and test it to make sure that it is secure. Trim the excess thread carefully.

* Use the needle to gently push the knot down into the hole-gap of the big bead. The knot should rest securely against the hole. Your bracelet is ready! Slip it on and make a fashion statement!

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