Handmade Greeting Card!

Handmade Greeting Card!

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You need:

Chart Paper (Pick those in pastel shades), Flower (Choose some that are brightly coloured), Fevicol, Grass, Coloured paper (optional), Coloured pens/Paints, A heavy book, Tissue paper,
Old newspapers.


1. Take a medium-sized piece of chart paper and fold it in half. Place a flower on top of the chart, and gently open up and press down the petals on the surface. Place a tissue paper on top of the flower, then keep a folded newspaper on the tissue.

2. Place the book on top of the newspaper and keep it that way for about 2 to 3 hours. When you remove the weight and papers, the flower should have been pressed down onto the chart. Remove it gently (don't pull it) and then paste it on the same place using fevicol.

3. Trim the grass and paste it on the card in a nice pattern using fevicol. You could also use bits of coloured paper or paint to add some decorations to the card. You could draw or paint on the inside to make it colourful.

4. Write some loving words on the inside of the card and gift it to your friends or family member. Everyone would love these handmade mementoes!

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