Holidays are jolly days!

Budding Bards
Holidays are jolly days!

Holidays are jolly days

For everyone in the world,

These days are filled with fun and pleasure

As all of us spend our time together,

Each of us are filled with joy

Young or old, girl or boy!

There is no time to waste or lose

So, come on, let's make a move,

Trains are full and sweets are cooked

All the seats on planes are booked,

Holidays are jolly days

For everyone in the world!

Stop Pollution!

Puff puff, smoke and sound

Cars and trucks plying around,

Everywhere there is pollution

We do need a solution,

Burning trash, wasted electricity

Enough ways to pollute our city,

Oh no! the road stinks and smells

Traffic horns silence the temple bells,

Drilling holes on the ozone layer

'Let it stop' is my prayer,

Halt the global warming

Make the world more charming,

Let us all promise to go green

And keep the earth pure and clean!

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