My Magic Pen

My Magic Pen


My magic pen is very nice

It moves like a sledge on ice

The nib has a good point,

It helps me during exam time,

To write poems with good endings,

Like an aeroplane making a smooth landing!

There are so many pens in the world,

But none like mine, take my word,

My pen’s full of magic ink,

Like Aristotle, it makes me think!

-Kisan Sani, St.John’s H.S., Bellary.

My Sister

Is there some

Mistake in her?

I mean my

Silly Sister!

All day long

She plays with her doll

And never stops

Hitting me at all!

Sometimes she is good,

Sometimes she’s bad,

I feel sometimes that

She’s gone mad!

When I do my homework,

She takes away my pen

After taking it she’ll

Not give it back again.

When I go to school,

She bids me good-bye

Phew! Now I am with my friends,

Heaving a sigh of relief.

-Pooja P. Asar, Bombay Cambridge School.

As I went up the hill

As I went up the hill,

Cool breeze hit my face,

My heart sang sweetly,

Don’t go back.

As I went up the hill,

The flowers sang merrily,

Try again and again,

Success will come.

As I went up the hill,

The rocks said stonily,

Don’t look back

That will make you fall.

-Nitish K. Murthy, Kendriya Vidyalaya, Faridabad.

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