Tips for a Good Rank!

Tips for a Good Rank!

Here are  some tips that will help you better your rank. All you need to do is put in some hard work.

1. Read your everyday lessons, one at a time, slowly. Even if it’s hard to understand, it’ll became easier the second time you read it.

2. Friends may tease you for ‘mugging – up’ a lesson. But that shouldn’t worry you. Study your questions and answers by-heart.

3. Start with the hardest subject – that is, the one you had scored least in the previous exam. Keep the easiest subject for the last.

4. Make a time-table, allotting hours for each subject. Stick to this time-table strictly.

5. Do not stay up late. Finish studies by 9 pm. Relax by chatting to your parents about your day in school.

6. Wake up early the next morning (say by  5 am), and revise your subject thoroughly. Practise, diagrams, if any, once again.

7. At the exam, table, be calm and steady. Don’t hurry up and finish in one and a half hours, if you have two and half hours time. Try to finishin such a way  that you can check the answers for the last fifteen or twenty minutes.

8. Don’t miss writing any answer in the paper.

9. In Maths, allow yourself a set time for each section in the paper.

10. Write neatly, and in a good handwriting that is readable. It is important to impress the examiner with a well-presented paper.

V.Manju, Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Rajapalayam.

(Gokulam September ’95)

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