‘A Silent Voice’ – that talks about friendship and forgiveness!

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’A Silent Voice’ (Koe no Katachi) is an anime film that tells a poignant story of redemption, friendship;  the struggles of living with guilt and seeking forgiveness.


The story emphasizes the negative effects of bullying on both victims and perpetrators. Redemption and Forgiveness depicts the tough road of asking forgiveness and making amends.The narrative emphasizes the necessity of understanding and accepting other people's uniqueness.


Shoya Ishida, an active youngster who frequently gets into problems with his companions, is introduced at the start of the movie. He starts to bully Shoko Nishimiya, a new deaf girl in his class.

Shoko tries to communicate with her students by passing around a notebook, but Shoya and his buddies continuously harass her and make fun of her impairment. Shoko ends up moving to a different school as a result of this.


Following Shoko's transfer, Shoya is blamed for the bullying by the school and his peers. He isolates himself and starts to bully himself, which makes him feel very guilty and sorry.

Shoya is a loner in high school, tormented by flashbacks of his previous deeds. Even though he considers suicide, he chooses to make amends first.
After learning sign language, Shoya goes to apologize to Shoko. As their relationship gradually begins to grow again, Shoya makes an effort to figure out Shoka’s environment and her experiences.

Building Friendships:

In an effort to make up for his previous mistakes, Shoya makes new friends and re-connects with old classmates, among them Tomohiro Nagatsuka, who ends up becoming a close buddy.When Shoya first meets Yuzuru, Shoko's younger sister, she doesn't trust him at first but eventually comes to recognize his sincere regret.

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friendship ...

Overcoming Challenges:

As they deal with their past, Shoya and Shoko encounter numerous difficulties. A turning moment is when Shoko tries suicide and Shoya realizes how much his actions have hurt her. After saving Shoko from her suicide attempt, Shoya falls into a river and this temporarily puts him in a coma. His family and friends support him during his recovery.

Redemption and Forgiveness:

When Shoya recovers from his coma, Shoko and he have a meaningful reconciliation. They begin to forgive and heal from one another.
In the epilogue, Shoya is shown attending the school festival with his pals. He understands that he can move on with his life and that he is no longer alone.

‘A Silent Voice’ is a touching film that delves into complex emotional subjects with sensitivity and care.

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