In a jungle where all animals lived in harmony, a fox alone was unfriendly towards other animals.  He had the habit of making fun at their appearances while he always kept boasting about his beautiful, long tail.

It so happened that the fox was once caught in a trap. He made all efforts to free himself but couldn’t! His pride prevented him from taking the help of other animals. So he kept trying and after a tough struggle, he finally managed to set himself free from the trap. But alas! What happened to his beautiful tail? Where had it gone? The major part of his lovely tail was cut off and trapped inside!

The fox became very sad and sat mourning the loss of his tail.  “How ugly I will look with a half-cut tail! The other animals are sure to laugh at me! What am I going to do now...hmmm..”, he set to think...

“A haa...!” jumped the fox – he had hit upon an idea to save himself from an embarrassing situation. He called for a meeting of his folk and said, “Brothers, have you ever given a thought as to why we keep carrying such lengthy, heavy tails? Don’t you think it’s a nuisance? Come, let us cut our tails short and be free from the burden”.

The fox folk, along with other animals, had gathered by then to see what was happening. They noticed his half-cut, ugly looking tail. Realising his real intention behind the meeting, the other animals had a good time laughing at his tail. “You always kept boasting about your beautiful tail when it was long and furry. Now that you had lost it and  look ugly, you want us to have half cut tails too... just so that we be ugly like you. How selfish you are! Aren’t you ashamed?”. Hearing these remarks, the fox hung his head in shame and ran away, never to be seen again.

Moral : Dirty tricks seldom work!

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