Candle as Alarm!

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Candle as Alarm!

We cannot imagine day-to- day life without some things that we use very often. You will be surprised to know how these things were invented.

Alarm Clock: The first alarm clock was actually a candle. Medieval monks would keep a lit candle between their toes before taking a nap. When the flame reached their feet. They knew it was time to get up. Finally, in 1787, Levi Hutchins, a 26 year old New Hampshire clock maker found the modern day alarm clock. But he never patented his invention and died in 1855.

Battery:  In 1786, an Italian anatomist Luigi Galvani found that the legs of a dismembered frog twitched when touched by certain metals and concluded that the frog generated electricity! But, Allessandro Volta determined that metals did the generating. His 'Voltaic Pile', a stack of copper and zinc discs with brine soaked cardboard or cloth between each pair, produced the first steady source of electric current. The modern battery is simply a refinement of the Voltaic Pile.

Chewing Gum: in the early 1870s, Horatio Adams was assisting his father Thomas, in experiments with chicle- the dried sap of a Mexican jungle tree, Thomas tried to make rubber out of it. When this failed, he and Horatio chewed pieces of chicle and discovered its most promising use, They soon established a business to manufacture chicle for chewing Around the mid-19th century, child-based chewing gum replaced all others.

Ice Cream: The first commercial made ice cream in USA was sold by Mr.Hall in New York in 1786. The first ice cream soda was reputedly concocted by Robert Green of Philadelphia, who in 1874, added ice cream to plain soda water. But credit for the first ice cream goes to a young ice cream salesman at the 1904 Louisiana pur- chase exposition in St.Louis. The Sales man was Charles E. Manches. To- day, ice creams are very popular amongst people all around the year especially in summer.

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