Chappan Dukan @ Indore!

street food ...
street food ...

- N. Mangai

Nestled in the bustling city of Indore is a famous food street known and loved by all. Chappan Dukan, named after the 56 shops it once had before expansion, is a street solely dedicated to satisfy the tastebuds of its visitors with its delectable dishes and guzzle-worthy drinks.

In an attempt to improve the state of a wooded region called the Udasin Ashram Market, the Government of Madhya Pradesh helped set up a place consisting of 56 shops where vendors could facilitate trade. In the 1980s and 1990s, the street was dubbed Chappan Dukan, which translates to 56 shops.

Now, the street has been completely renovated into a metropolitan alley that entertains both homely and innovative food. From its Sabudana Vadas, Misal Pavs, Garam Chai, and Matka Kulfis to the Potato Twisters, Kulhad Pizzas, Baked Cheesecake and Korean Corn Dogs, Chappan Dukan offers a huge variety of affordable food for its visitors to delve into. The aroma that wafts over from the food stalls invokes a sense of hunger that has a magnetic effect on people. It is inclusive to Jains and Vegans as well, offering a plethora of snacks and dishes to feast on.

street food ...
street food ...

The shops range from small stalls that sell 4-5 items to, sit-in places that have a whole menu to choose from.

The street's waste management is impeccable, using little to no plastic, reusing their cutlery, plates and glasses after a thorough cleanse, and installing dustbins every 10 meters. It is a great representation of Indore's record of being the cleanest city in India. Chappan Dukan truly delivers on the quality and taste of its delicacies, making it an ideal location for the delight of both tourists and locals.

By the way, Chappan Dukan is not the only famous food street in Indore. Indore also has another wonderful attraction called "Sarafa Night Food Market", which serves amazing street food from 9 PM onwards.

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