Jumbo Circus - My first ever experience!

Jumbo Circus
Jumbo Circus

Hello! My name is Tejaswini K and I live in Chennai. Recently, I went to a Circus named Jumbo Circus. The tickets were priced at Rs.250, Rs.350 and Rs.450. There were two shows daily 4:30 pm and 7:30 pm. I went for 7:30 pm show and it lasted till 9:30 pm.

Nowadays circus shows don’t happen often. I am 10 years old and this happens to be my first ever circus experience. I was very curious, so pleaded with my dad to take me and finally we went - my dad, my cousin, my grandmother and me. My grandmother too was very eager as she hadn’t been to a circus in the last 30 years. The circus had a bouncy castle outside and the little children played there till the show started. Popcorn, watch mittai and sodas were sold outside.

The circus started with music. 6 acrobats walked {cartwheeled} inside. Five of them went to a platform high up and one of them who was addressed by others as Sooraj went to the other side. He climbed on the ladder and reached a swing. Then he flung himself upside down! Then the others swung on a swing one by one, and as they jumped Sooraj caught them, while he was still upside down. Sometimes he did this with three people. It was a great moment and everybody cheered, and clapped.


My granny kept on asking me when the lion, tiger and other animals would come. But to her disappointment, no animals, except dogs and horses were there in the show.

There was a buffoon moment, and the buffoons came and shouted at themselves and patted each other with a bat. It was very funny.

There was a magician, he juggled balls and did magic tricks. Some cute girls, including one on the rope made acrobatic tricks and everybody cheered them.

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Jumbo Circus

There was a dog show too. The dogs were very cute and carried out the orders by their trainer. They ran around the ring very fast, jumping the hurdles.

The buffoons invited 4 children to come on stage and I was one of them. We did skipping really fast and the buffoons gave us candy. The last boy who did it, did it with his eyes covered with cloth! We clapped and cheered all the participants. The show was really enjoyable.

-Tejaswini K.

6th Std. Adyar Sri Sankara Sr.Sec.School, Chennai.

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