Sea of Milk – Dushsagar Falls!

Dushsagar Falls
Dushsagar Falls

All during the drive to Goa, Sanjay and Sowmya were chattering non-stop about the prospect of travelling in a train. The Dush sagar Falls in Goa is best reached by a train journey either from Vasco or Margoa. Harish and Ram had planned on staying in Margoa and had organised hotel room bookings and train tickets. Once Sanjay and Sowmya had learnt they were to travel by train, their excitement knew no bounds as they did not have many opportunities to travel by train in USA.

After reaching Margoa in Goa, the families did some sight-seeing and shopping. They ate at a restaurant by the beach and enjoyed the lovely sunset by the Arabian Sea. The children played in the waters and had a great time.

They went back to their rooms eagerly awaiting their trip next day.

The next morning the children along with their parents boarded a train from Margoa station. They got off at Collem and hired a vehicle to reach Mollem which was 6 kilometres away. Another train journey from Mollem took them to Dudhsagar Falls. Alternatively people can trek to the waterfalls after getting off at Castle Rock Station coming from Bangalore.

The trek is completely on the railway tracks and the trail goes through dense forests and smaller waterfalls. But since it takes around 7 hours to complete this trek, Vanitha and Keerthi were not too keen on making the children walk such a long distance. So they had opted for the train route from Mollem.

On reaching Dudhsagar Station and then the spot of the waterfalls, they stopped short mesmerised by the sight of this lovely pristine waterfalls. Dudhsagar is a four-tier waterfall and it surges down milky white waters from a height of 310 metres. It is the fifth highest waterfall in India located on the Mandovi River. The waterfall is on the border of Karnataka and Goa. The area of the waterfalls is surrounded by deciduous forests and has rich bio diversity. Its milky white colour has given it the name ‘Dudhsagar’ which literally means Milk Sea or Sea of Milk.

Staring at the water-falls, Sanjay said, ‘Look the waterfalls are covered in clouds.’ But it was actually the spray from the waterfalls that gave the impression of a huge cloud formation. Harish, Keerthi, Vanitha and Ram found a spot where they could stretch out, relax and watch the waterfalls. The children climbed some rocks close by and enjoyed the lovely surroundings, the sound of the water-falls, birds flying and the lush green hillsides.

Dudhsagar train...
Dudhsagar train...

They had packed lunch from the hotel and enjoyed the meal in what Sowmya called as the World’s most spectacular picnic spot. After spending some more time, they went back to Dudhsagar station and took the train back to Margoa and their hotel. After spending two more days in Goa enjoying the city, its beaches and the lovely sights, the two families returned to Davangere. All of them declared that the visit to the waterfalls was the best way to have spent the holidays. Nishanth went one step further; he looked up for names of other waterfalls to visit on his cousins’ next trip to India!

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