Swallows are mostly insect eaters and fly high in the sky, catching insects while flying. They have a slender, streamlined body and long pointed wings that allow great maneuverability, endurance and easy glide. It is easy to identify swallows because of their agility in air and their forked tails. How did the swallows' tail become forked? Here is a story from the Native Americans, the Red Indians as they were once known, retold for you.

Once the Great Spirit, Father of all living creatures asked all the creatures He had made to visit Him. First came those that could fly: the birds like robin and owl and insects like wasps and butter- flies. Next came deer, squirrel, snake, cat and rabbit. Then came beaver and bear. Each of them travelled as swiftly as possible, for they wanted to hear what the Great Spirit had to say.

The Great Spirit welcomed them. He said, "I have been receiving information that you all are upset and keep complaining. What is the problem? How can I help you"?

The bear said, "I have to hunt for my food for a long time. I don't like it!"

"I do not like to build nests", said the bluebird.

"I do not like to live in the water", said the beaver.

The squirrel said, "I am bored of living in trees".

Then man came and stood in front of the Great Spirit and said, "O Great Father, the serpent feeds on my blood. Can you not give it some other food?"

"Why?" asked the Great Spirit. "Because I am the first of all creatures that you made", said the man proudly.

The other creatures got angry and started chattering, squawking and hissing. The Great Spirit said, "Shhh... Be quiet. Yes, you may be the first, but I am the Father of all and everyone is equal to me. Now, mosquito, you are a great traveller. Go and find out what food a serpent can have instead". The mosquito travelled all over the earth and stung each animal to find out if its blood would be good for the snake. He was unable to decide and on the way back to the abode of the Great Spirit, he met the swallow.

"Good day to you. Have you found out whose blood is the best?" asked the swallow.

"Man's blood," said the mosquito; "that is the best."

The mosquito did not like man but the swallow was man's friend. So the swallow got angry and swooped down on the mosquito and tore his tongue and said, "This is the best".


The mosquito buzzed angrily and flew back to the Great Spirit who said, "All the animals are waiting. Now tell us whose blood is the best for the snake". The mosquito tried to say, "man".

But all that came out from his mouth was "Kss-ksss-ksssss" as he was still angry!

"What are you saying?" asked the Great Spirit. "Kss-ksss-ksssss", said the mosquito. The swallow then intervened and said, "O Great Spirit, the mosquito met me just before coming here. It is the blood of frog. Isn't it, mosquito?"

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But all the mosquito could say was "Kss-ksss- ksssss". He was at the peak of his anger!

The Great Spirit said, "Man shall no longer be the serpent's food, but the frog shall be".

The snake was angry because he did not like frogs so much. But nothing could be done.

When the swallow flew near him, the snake darted and caught his tail which tore. This is how the swallow's tail became forked and this is why snakes began to eat frogs!

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