The world's smallest country – Vatican or Sealand?

The world's smallest country – Vatican or Sealand?

We all know that the world's smallest country is Vatican city. But, there are many micronations in the world. The smallest country is actually an abandoned military structure that was built by the Navy for World War 2 and its name is Sealand.

History of Sealand:

In the year 1960 a man named Roy bates wanted to build a radio station. But in the UK it was illegal to start a new radio station. The BBC was the only radio allowed in the UK. So he came all the way out into the ocean to the current Sealand to start his own illegal radio station. Technically Sealand was in international waters and not in the UK. But when he landed here he thought," why not build the country" and that is what he did.

* He made himself a price

* He also designed a flag

* He designed the passport

* He designed a currency

*He designed an immigration stamp.

Can people stay at Sealand?

The answer is yes... Roy Bates built a house with 7 beautiful bedrooms and all the bedrooms are inside the tower and under the water. He also built a kitchen, living room, a gym ,and a jail.

He got electricity from wind and solar energy. He got water from the rain.

Getting to Sealand:

It takes 3 hours to reach there from London. You need a special permit and also need to fill a Visa form.

In the future Sea land is planning to expand the country. For now it has 3 citizens.

Trivia time:

Sealand is a micronation. There are over 100 active micronations across the world such as,

*Republic of Molossia

*Principality of Hutt river

* Principality of Filittino

*West arctica

*Republic of Minerva and so on...

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