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Madras day 2023
General hospital
General hospital
Madras Day 2023
Madras Day 2023

For generations together, if someone fell sick or was diagnosed with something tricky, the standard response of the extended family was: “Let’s go to Madras and get it checked out.”

It didn’t matter if you were in Karnataka or Jharkhand or even in Pakistan, or, if your eyes were affected or your liver was — Madras was where the experts were, Madras was where the best care could be had. Madras and medicine were synonymous.

The city’s history with medicine is old, exalted and entrenched in its roots. Way back in 1664, the first British hospital in India was set up at Fort St. George, to minister to sick soldiers of the East India Company.

Begun by Edward Winter, the hospital grew and expanded and moved about before settling down to where the Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital now stands.

“The Portuguese may have brought Western medicine to India,” said historian S. Muthiah, “but the base for a systematised and widespread network of government-run hospitals began with the hospital in Madras.”

Over the course of the next few hundred years, the city’s connection with medicine only grew. Doctors from Europe and Eurasia trained and practiced at the first hospital.


 Madras Medical College was set up in 1835, making it one the oldest colleges of European medicine in Asia.

 Madras became the medical capital of India even before the 19th century as it encountered a steady inflow of patients from across the country. The Madras Medical College was the first institution for medical studies in the State.

 After Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education & Research and The Calcutta Medical College, MMC is the third-oldest medical college in India. (The Madras Medical College was thereafter renamed Chennai Medical College)

 Chennai is now the hub of medical tourism in the country

 Chennai attracts health tourists, patients from abroad like USA, UK, and many other Major Countries, especially from Asia... The city has been termed India's health capital. Multi- and super-specialty hospitals across the city bring in an estimated, approximately, 150 to 200 international patients every day.

Chennai is known for more than one treatment. Some of the well-known treatments are eye surgeries, cardiology, orthopaedics- knee & joint surgeries and Cancer Treatment. People prefer treatment in this city as it assures quality, affordability, infrastructure, cost effectiveness, diagnostic capabilities, results & cure rate, post-operative care etc.

Chennai city is known as The City of Doctors. Chennai medical tourism has been emerging due to its high standard of hospitals and reasonable cost. Because of its renowned doctors and exemplary health care facilities, this city attracts about 45% of health tourists from abroad and 40% of domestic health tourists. With its ‘Patient First’ approach, the medical value travel experience in Chennai is focused on enhancing ease and convenience of the patient. Most visitors are from resource-constrained countries where they experience long waiting times, inadequate infrastructure, unreliable expertise among others.Chennai offers a host of trusted and accredited medical tourism facilitators that simplify the entire experience for foreign patients.

Chennai offers excellent healthcare services at affordable figures. Cost effectiveness is a key parameter in driving the demand for medical value travel. Apart from medical bills, cost of living such as hotel rents, travel expenses etc. are also significantly lower in the city. This economical aspect is especially beneficial for those patients who travel with their family and have to undergo a long duration of treatment.

Hospitals in Chennai are investing in top-of line medical equipment across all specialties in order to enhance patient outcomes. The latest technology coupled with excellent medical skill makes the city a preferred choice for most foreign patients.

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