Ragi milk burfi & Kuzhalappam!

ஸ்வீட் காரம் பட்சணம் போட்டி பரிசு பெறும் ரெசிபிக்கள்!
Sweet Karam Batchanam Recipes 2
Sweet Karam Batchanam Recipes 2

Ragi milk burfi!


3 Cup ragi flour, 2 Cup milk powder, 3 Cups Jaggery  powder, ½ Cup Ghee, 1 Cup chopped dry fruits like cashew almond and pista, ¼ Cup milk if required

How to make Sweet Dish*


1. Heat a pan add ghee on the medium-low flame add ragi flour and mix nicely.

2. Cook for 5 - 7 minutes and stir continuously. This will ensure that there is no raw smell in ragi flour.

3. Add chopped dry fruits and stir for another 2 minutes. It will make dry fruits crunchy.

4. Now add milk powder and mix well. Once milk powder and flour are combined together add jaggery powder. Mix well and cook until jaggery is melted and combined nicely. Add milk if the mixture is dry.

5.Grease a baking pan and keep it ready. Keep stirring the mixture on medium-low flame. It takes another 3-4 minutes and this will start releasing ghee at the corners of the pan.

6.At this point of time mixture will be like a dough and will move together. It will not stick at the walls now.

7.Pour this mixture in the greased pan and let it cool down at room temperature. for 20 min to set it before cutting into pieces.

8. Ragi milk barfi is ready to serve on festive time or make it and enjoy every day with the goodness of ragi flour and jaggery.

இதையும் படியுங்கள்:
தேங்காய் திரட்டிபால் & வெஜிடபிள் வடை!
Sweet Karam Batchanam Recipes 2


Ingredients needed to make Kuzhalappam:

Rice flour -1 cup, Grated coconut- ½ cup, Small Onion-15 nas, Garlic-7, Cumin- ¼   tsp, Black sesame- ½ spoon, Water-2 cups, Oil as required, Salt as needed.

How to make Karam Dish:

Finely grind small onion and garlic with some water

2. In a pan add rice flour black sesame seed cumin grated coconut grated onion paste and mix

3. Boil 2 cups of water and salt add it to it and knead the dough well

4. Make the dough into small balls or chapati shape and cut round and roll it. Please do.

5. Pour oil in a pan and fry the kneaded in a low flame until golden brown.

6.Easy and tasty kulalappam is ready to serve.

- Hajira banu

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