Light Bag!

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Light Bag!

The fact is that millions of kids in India live without electricity. There is no electric light for children to do their homework or study their lessons. Anu sheela Saha from Delhi decided to do some- thing about this. She invented a “Light Bag”. These bags are regular school bags with a solar panel fitted in them. When the students go to school in the morning, this panel collects and stores solar energy in it. Every day it needs just two hours of sun light for charging. In the evening, kids return home and switch on the lights fixed in the bag. It gives five hours of light energy for them to study. A huge benefit to kids with poor, rural background, lacking access to electricity.

Body odour is a big problem and is considered unpleasant. Taking bath twice or thrice a day is a good way to fight body odour, but the effect will not last long. So, how will you know that the effect of the perfume has gone and you do not smell good and need to re-apply the perfume? Google has invented a way to solve this problem. This will become your companion soon, taking care of the body odour problem. It is a wearable device that may be stitched inside the dress directly. Once it is worn, it will keep continuous track of the body odour level of the person wearing it. When the odour reaches to an unbearable level, it emits a fragrance automatically. Not just that, it even spreads that fragrance to others with the use of a tiny fan. All these will be done inside the clothes, leaving others to wonder where the nice fragrance is from!

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Light Bag!

You must have seen a blind person walking on the road, carrying a cane and tapping it on the road to avoid any obstacle on their way. But imagine there is a large truck standing in front of a blind person! The blind person uses the cane but can’t feel the truck as it is little above the floor level. The cane goes under the truck. As a result, the person thinks there is nothing in front and continues walking. Within seconds, the person bumps in to the truck. If this keeps happening, a blind person will find it difficult to move around independently. Can technology solve this problem? Yes! Researchers from IIT Delhi have invented a Smart Cane – a special cane that sends ultrasonic waves continuously and tracks if there is anything in front of the blind person walking with the cane. For example, if there is a post box a few meters away, the Smart Cane alerts the user through vibration. The user feels the vibration and changes direction. The Smart Cane makes blind people feel self confident and happy about moving around and getting their things done independently.

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