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Illustration : Jeyaraj
Illustration : Jeyaraj

Suresh lived in a small town with his parents, brothers and sisters. His was a close-knit family with all his uncles, aunts and cousins living nearby in the same town. By nature, Suresh was a lovable boy. Apart from being a topper in his school, Suresh was an expert in playing almost all types of musical instruments, especially the guitar.

This fervor for music earned Suresh the friendship of Vinod who possessed many types of musical instruments at home. Suresh made it a practice to go to Vinod’s house every Saturday and play the musical instruments with him.

One such week end found Vinod left to take care of the house as his parents had to be away on an emergency. That Saturday he woke up early and hurried through the petty household chores as he wanted to be ready when Suresh came by. Suddenly Vinod noticed that there was no milk in the house. His mother must have forgotten to keep stock, in her hurry to leave!

Vinod waited for Suresh who came in minutes later. Vinod explained the situation to him and leaving Suresh behind to guard his house, he left for the market to buy some milk. Suresh, not wanting to while away the time until Vinod returned, took Vinod’s brand new red guitar with star stickers on it and started playing his favourite notes. The guitar was gifted to Vinod on his birthday by his cousin.

Suresh was so engrossed in playing the guitar along with sway dance steps to take notice of a small puddle of water on the floor. Before he could realize what was happening, he slipped on the water and fell down with a heavy thud, the guitar in his hand smashing against the wall and breaking into pieces!

For a few moments, Suresh sat still. Slowly the gravity of the situation sank in, making him forget even the pain from the heavy fall. His mind raced with many questions – ‘how would Vinod react seeing his favourite guitar broken to pieces’? Should I fix the guitar with a tape? No, that wouldn’t serve! Vinod would be sure to find out! Then…what else should I do? Should I replace the guitar with a new one? Or should I compensate by giving my new blue guitar? But…what if Vinod insists on red one?..

Suresh shook his head as if to clear the thoughts. He was tense as he knew he had very little time before Vinod returned from the market. Finally he made the wisest decision – to tell Vinod the truth. Vinod returned, profusely apologizing to Suresh for having made him wait so long!

இதையும் படியுங்கள்:
அறியாமைக்கும் அப்பாவித்தனத்திற்கும் நூலிழையே வித்தியாசம்!
Illustration : Jeyaraj

Suresh blurted out the whole thing. “Vinod, I can understand how upset you are! Am sure you’re angry with me. I doubt if you would continue my friendship…”, Suresh kept blabbering while Vinod put out his hand as if to stop Suresh from continuing.  He held Suresh close to him and smiled.

Suresh was surprised! He never expected such a reaction from Vinod. Vinod pulled Suresh to a corner and opened a cupboard there. Suresh saw a line of red guitars with stars, neatly stacked inside. Vinod said, “Did you see? If one guitar is broken, I can get another of the same kind. But it’s very difficult to find a friend like you. Our friendship is most important for me thananything else”. Suresh was at aloss for words. He simply hugged Vinod. He was thankful to God for having gifted him with a friend like Vinod.

The duo then cleared the mess on the floor and set to enjoy themselves doing their most favourite pastime – playing musical instruments!

- Nardhana Ramakrishnan.

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