Illustration:Mairti Dore
Illustration:Mairti Dore

-Sandhya Vasudev

Little Agnes was a cute, smart little girl. She lived in a spacious bungalow with her parents in a town called Fremont near San Francisco in the US. Her father Mr. Roderick was a wealthy businessman owning a fleet of cars. He had many attendants catering to the needs of his family. Her mother ran a fashionable boutique for the elite of the town. Agnes’s parents loved their only daughter so much that they were scared of sending her to school lest she be kidnapped or came in contact with bad elements. So Little Agnes got a private tutor named Miss Catherine who took classes in a big room at her mansion. The parents thought that little Agnes was happy with this arrangement. 

But Agnes felt bored. From her window and through her binoculars she would watch the school bus across the street carrying loads of children. Agnes thought to herself, “How nice to wear a uniform and go to school in a bus. I wish I had a friend to play with!” She looked around the expensive toys that her parents had bought for her. They stared back at her silently as if reading her mind.

That evening Agnes’s mother said, “Christmas is approaching. The whole house is to be decorated.  A Christmas tree is to be bought. Gifts have to be purchased for friends and family. Let us visit the New Park Mall. Agnes, what would you like for a gift this season?” 

Agnes kept silent and ran to her room. There was nothing that she wanted. She had everything a child of her age could wish for. Her tutor Miss Christine made her watch National Geographic channel on television thrice a week. Agnes had seen children of less privileged countries living in squalid surroundings with no proper food or clothes. It looked as if they had never seen or played with toys. Miss Christine had once explained to her that sharing and caring were the pillars of friendship. At that instant, Agnes realized what she wanted for that festive season! “Ah! That should be fine!” she mused to herself. She was so excited that she could hardly wait for Miss Christine to come the next day. 

Illustration:Mairti Dore
Illustration:Mairti Dore

The next morning Agnes greeted her tutor and said, “Miss, I have an idea. I want you to help me, please”. Miss Christine got curious at this sudden outburst from the young girl and asked, “What is it Agnes? I will surely help if possible.” Agnes replied, “I want to gift toys, special snacks and nice clothes to children like me who do not have them. Please help me to contact them”. Miss Christine through Google located various NGOs serving needy children and made a list. She handed it to Agnes who exclaimed, “Thank You Miss, you are wonderful!”.

இதையும் படியுங்கள்:
உள்ளுறுப்புகளை சுத்தம் செய்யும் கரிசலாங்கண்ணி!
Illustration:Mairti Dore

Agnes then moved on with her next task –  a more difficult one. She had to talk to her parents. That night she approached her mom and said, “Mommy, I want nothing for myself this Christmas.” Her mother was quite surprised. “What do you mean, dear?” Agnes replied, “I want to help less privileged children at faraway places. They don’t have proper clothes to wear or toys to play with. I want to buy nice clothes and toys and gift them to those children”. She showed the list to her mother. 

Agnes’s mother was stunned at the little girl’s request. A sense of pride welled in her heart. She hugged Agnes and whispered, “Yes dear, we surely will!”.Christmas that year was special to Agnes. She was very happy. She knew now that she had friends around the world!

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