Short story - The Great Escape!

Illudtration: Pillai
Illudtration: Pillai

The Andersons were a loving family and were known for their friendliness amongst their neighbours.

Mr. Anderson was a famous lawyer while his wife Janet was a fashion designer. They had two teenage kids named Ryan and Andrea. The kids were very smart and excelled in their studies.

In the town where they lived, they had a two-storeyed house with a porch and surrounded by a beautiful garden where the family would relax during weekends, enjoying light snacks. There was a tall, strong compound wall and a huge gliding iron gate at the entrance of the garden. Quite safe and sound! – so the family thought!

To this adorable family was added one more member – Eric, a stray dog who, over the years, had become the best companion for Ryan and Andrea. Ryan loved sports and was a player in a soccer team called ‘Extreme Runners’.  His team mates were Andy and Josh who also lived nearby.

One fine morning Andy and Josh came to see Ryan. “There’s going to be a match this evening between our team and Killer Whales team” said Andy. Ryan was excited. He was at his best during the match that evening with most number of goals to his credit. Extreme Runners defeated Killer Whales with a score of 13:8. There was joyous celebration among the winning team while the other team was fuming over their defeat.

A jubilant Ryan returned home for dinner. His parents were away. Andrea and Cassidy, the maid, were at home. Cassidy had prepared Ryan’s favourites for dinner – macaroni cheese and vegetable salad. After dinner, Cassidy left for her house as her son was sick and needed her attention.

Ryan and Andrea locked the door, came to their respective rooms and went to bed. They were used to their parents’ coming home late at night and they knew that their parents each had a key to the main door. Soon, the children drifted to sleep.

Suddenly Andrea woke up and sat bolt upright! There were sounds of footsteps in the garden. She slipped out of the bed and headed towards Ryan’s room holding a torch and her smart phone in her hands.

Andrea shook her brother hard. “What’s the matter”, Ryan moaned sleepily.

“There’s someone out there! I heard footsteps!” Andrea said in a quivering voice.

Ryan sat up. He was fully awake now. “Let’s sneak to the window and see”, he said in a low voice. They tiptoed to the window and were about to look out when there was a smashing sound of the window glass being broken. It broke down with such a force that the duo gasped and stood still.

இதையும் படியுங்கள்:
படுத்தவுடன் தூக்கம் வர சில எளிய பயிற்சிகள்!
Illudtration: Pillai

And then…two figures jumped in…Ryan instantly recognized them as the Captain and Co-captain of the defeated Killer Whales team.  Before Ryan could gather himself, the boys pounced as if to attack Ryan. Ryan shouted at them and they retorted. Andrea was safe, hiding behind a tall bureau. She was tense and scared.

Just then…Ryan’s room door was burst open…all eyes fell on the figure that opened the door. It was Eric, their canine friend! While everyone stood surprised, the dog growled and gritted its teeth. It made a move towards the two boys who were fighting with Ryan. The boys, never ready for an attack from an unexpected source, jumped out and ran for their lives! Ryan, heaving a sigh of relief, flicked the lights on. Andrea called her parents who rushed back home.

Eric was happy at the showers of love and affection on him by ‘his’ family who were thankful to him for having saved the two children from a grave danger..

- Kathy Sarah David,

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