Illustration: Jayaraj
Illustration: Jayaraj

Short Story - Trophy Triumph!

Anil was excited. He couldn't wait to tell his A mother about an announcement made at school that afternoon. The moment he entered home, he ran inside, calling out to his mother. "Ma, ma, where are you? Ah, here you are! You know ma, today our Principal made an announcement about 'the best student of the year' trophy" - Anil paused for a few seconds. He was breathless out of over-excitement and when he continued, he had calmed himself down. He told his mother that he was aiming to get the 'best student of the year' trophy that year.

Anil was a smart, fun loving boy, liked by his classmates and teachers alike. He was good at studies though a bit lethargic at times. His mother kept chiding him and tried to goad him out of his lethargic attitude but she was not always successful. So when she heard the news about the trophy, she took the opportunity to correct him and encourage him to be more active and hard working.

Anil's mother said, "Anil, I really appreciate your enthusiasm. But first remove your shoes, keep them on the rack, change your uniform and refresh yourself. Cleanliness is next to godliness and it is the first sign of success. If you want to win, you have to learn to be more systematic!" Anil, who would have normally ignored such advice from his mother, couldn't do so this time as he now had a goal to achieve. He simply obeyed his mother.

After sometime, Anil sat down to watch television.

"Anil, did you finish your homework?" asked his mother on hearing the sound of the TV being switched on.

"No, mom. I'll do it later" replied Anil.

"Listen, Anil. It is this habit of postponing things that prevents you from being successful. How many times do I keep telling you to finish all your work first and then do as you wish?" - her tone was soft but firm.

Anil put up a long face and switched off the television. Saying nothing, he went into his room to do his homework. He had no other option except to listen to his mother and change his attitude if he needed to win the trophy.

Trophy...trophy... trophy... was all in his mind now. At times when he felt dejected, his mother was by his side consoling him to be patient and asking him to continue his efforts with sincerity and dedication.

The D'Day - the Annual Day of the school - had arrived. A much awaited one for Anil who was hoping to stand a chance to win the trophy for that academic year. The culturals and other programmes got over and it was time to announce the 'best student of the year' award. The Principal came up on the stage and said, "I am happy and proud to announce the winner of the prestigious 'Veerpratap Best Student of the Year' trophy-it goes to Geetha of 9th Standard..." Anil couldn't hear rest of what the Principal was saying. There was a thunder of applause from all around.

இதையும் படியுங்கள்:
வீட்டிலேயே ஈஸியாக செய்யலாம் இட்லி மஞ்சூரியன்!
Illustration: Jayaraj

Anil stood motionless, his hopes shattered. He knew that he must have lost the trophy by only a few points. Had he worked a little harder... hmmmm... he sighed. Gradually he came out of his reverie and joined the crowd in cheering Geetha.

His parents were surprised at his reaction for they knew how hard he had worked with an aim of winning the trophy.

"Anil, Are you not disappointed you didn't get the trophy?" asked his father.

"Yes, Dad. I am" said Anil, "but I also know I've not worked hard enough to achieve my goal. And, Geetha for sure deserves it! I'll not take this as a failure but as a stepping stone to success. Take it from me, Dad, next year the trophy will be mine" - Anil was beaming and brimming with confidence!

Anil's parents felt proud of their son and hugged him gently, his mother secretly trying to fight back the tears that welled up in her eyes!

- K. Ishwarya Rajalakshmi,

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