What would 40th Century be like? Any Guesses?

quantum physics...
quantum physics...

-  Raghavan S, IX A

Time Travel is impossible with our current understanding of quantum physics. Maybe we can time travel in the future by building a time machine or navigating through wormholes which are shortcuts through space and time but these are highly unlikely.

But if such a phenomena had occurred already in the past, would you believe it? I was too stunned to believe it myself at first. Paul Amadeus Dienach, a fragile Swiss-Austrian history teacher who lived in Europe went into a coma for a year in 1921 AD. He apparently had a conscious slide where his consciousness shifted from his body to the body of one ‘Andreas Northam’ living in 3906 AD.

There, he came to know about the language they spoke; Anglo-Scandinavian (A combination of English and Scandinavian) which they called the ‘Universal Tongue’.

Life in the future seems to be really interesting according to the notes left by Mr. Dienach.  He kept this amazing encounter to himself once he recovered, fearing he would be viewed as insane. Hence he wrote about all he saw in a diary.

Dienach eventually passed away in 1924 from tuberculosis. At that time, he handed his diary to his student George Papachatzis who translated the entries of his diary from German to Greek and published the book under the name ‘The Valley of Roses’. It was later re-released under the name ’Chronicles from the Future’ in 2015, the book which served as the base for this article.

Some interesting observations from the future:

* Students study in schools until 16 years of age and they work from the age of 17 to 19. Their working age ends when they are twenty and that seems to suffice their needs throughout their remaining lifespan.

*  Europe was almost destroyed by a deadly and dangerous war in the year 2309 AD when a nuclear war obliterated all of Europe except Scandinavia . Then Europe was recolonised mostly by the remaining Northern Europeans.

* Dienach came to know about the Virch, a term referring to the significant improvements in human intellect and spirituality that occurred with the emergence of the new species Homo Occidental Novus, instead of Homo Sapiens in 3382 AD.

valley of roses...
valley of roses...

* Their means of transportation were flying vehicles.

* The notion of ‘political power’ was alien to them and material gain also didn’t matter to them.

*  Wars became obsolete during that era.

* There existed a fear of overpopulation leading for approval before having their one and only child.

இதையும் படியுங்கள்:
குன்றாமல் - குறையாமல் அள்ளித் தரும் அட்சய திருதியை!
quantum physics...

* There were no regulations and penalties except traffic and service rules. It was deemed as the perfect world.

* ‘The man of today can do no wrong’ was what they claimed, described Mr. Dienach in his diary.

*  Humanity had conquered Mars and was moving towards a spiritual evolution in the future.

However, according to Dienach, people in the future had realized that evolution cannot come through computers and electronic chips.  A realization that would finally help us to appreciate our environment?!

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